Maconnerie Roger Castonguay

Construction neuve et rénovation, résidentiel et commercial, pose de pierre naturelle, cultivée, brique, bloc de béton, foyers, revêtement extérieur, murs décoratifs, 10 ans d'expérience dans la région de Mont-Tremblant. Voyez nos réalisations en ligne.

Maconnerie Roger Castonguay
Naturally Rick Materials  
Natural Stone Cultured Stone Brick
Example of natural stone usage Example of cultured stone usage Example of brick usage

This timeless material has been in existence for centuries. Even today, we can admire stonework across the globe: historical buildings, churches, patrimonial sites, etc. Stones can vary in aesthetic, color, motifs and shape; some are more insulating, durable, resistant, non-combustible, and require no upkeep whatsoever. These stones are chosen from natural environments and are a responsible choice for sustainable development. An elevated cost is counterbalanced by its numerous benefits. And the visual outcome is spectacular!


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Culture stone is more popular today than ever before. And for good reason! The various models on the market today are exact replicas of natural stone. Among the many advantages, they are light, easy to install, adhere to all types of surfaces and above all, they are affordable. There are many colour and textures to choose from which can lead to very eye-catching results. What’s more, cultivated stone is easily available and guaranteed by manufacturers.


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Used long before the the beginning of the millennium, brick is a material that will never go out of fashion. Once made with mud, brick has evolved substantially over time. We now find natural brick made from clay and cultivated brick made from cement. Cultivated brick comes in many colours and textures and is ideal for creating architectural effects by intergrating it with other materials like stone. No matter what type is chosen, brick offers an undeniable resale value durability, little upkeep and a naturally energizing qualities.

Cement Blocks Stone Fireplaces
Example of cement blocks usage Examples of fireplaces

The construction of homes using concrete blocks has become more and more popular. The solidness, insulation and soundproofing, air quality and less upkeep makes it an interesting choice. Concrete blocks are also used for large construction projects, whether they are visible or not, as well as interior walls, rubbish and dividing walls. Several types of finishes are available.



The fireplace is the focal point of any home. Whether you choose a Rumford, stone or traditional, you will be greeted with ambiance. It also offers numerous advantages, like the mass fireplace which emanates less pollutant, does not require as much sweeping and not does dry the air in the room.